Jane Lunzer Gifford has worked with food for 30 years. She trained at Leith’s School of Food and Wine and went on to cook, ghost write, write, photograph, demonstrate and design food.

Whilst living in Japan for six years, she was Food & Drink Advisor to the British Embassy, concentrating on promoting new versions of traditional British dishes, with an emphasis on exciting presentation. This led to the publication of two books and two television series, all with the focus on making British cookery accessible and appealing to the Japanese. On returning to England she continued to write and became more involved with photographing food as a way of displaying her ideas.

Jane’s passion for cooking is specifically related to the enjoyment of food – tasting, experimenting, tweaking and, presenting both the familiar and unusual, by turning expectation upside-down.

Using a remarkably small number of scientific rules, Jane sets out to transform ingredients into delicious dishes and to inspire anyone who either wants to give their cooking a lift, or who dreads walking into the kitchen. With a little coaxing and one or two guidelines, they too really can cook with confidence and panache.